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Stylist Posh Palma x Gelly: Summer Seasonal Wear

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Gelsandra Guzman [Posh Palma x Gelly] joins Fashionista Circle today to answer some quick questions on how to be super stylish in the upcoming Summer season.

In your opinion what are the best colors ladies should wear in the Summer?

Guzman: In my opinion it's everything BRIGHT! I am a bright soul, full of life, love and energy. I highly believe that when we wear brights we shine, but we need to own it at the same time, and be confident. I personally love Corals, Pinks, Reds, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Bright Purple and this new SAFFRON yellow! If you don't feel as daring you can also intermix these brights with more muted tones.

What are some fashion trends you look forward to in the Summer?

Guzman: This summer I am excited about Crochet, Eyelet, Romantic Florals and Ruffles. I live for the more bohemian, laid-back, relaxed, soft and romantic color palettes and trend iterations. I believe these all read sweet girl, but we can twist it by mixing in the brights to give it more life and energy! That is the best part of Fashion, we can study trends and translate it to our own style while having fun and experimenting. No one can judge you, especially if you are confident!

What are some affordable ways ladies can be stylish and look high end all Summer?

Guzman: Ways to be stylish this summer while being affordable: Mix and Match what you currently own in your wardrobe, key staple pieces, and invest a small amount on trendy pieces to feel high end and on trend. Also, key silhouettes this summer for me are rompers and dresses, they are easy, cute, stylish and one-piece beauty's!

As a stylist what are some Summer fashion trends from the past that you didn’t like?

Guzman: Some past trends I was never a fan of consist of the "Track Suit", "Trucker Hats" and "Super-low rise Jeans" I never related to any of these trends because they were more like FADS, trends that were short-lived and looked less classy and chic. I believe in pure femininity and looking beautifully represented, these did not do it for me. Nothing against any of you JEFA'S who loved these trends. Another beautiful thing about Fashion is being able to translate it to each owns identity.

Island theme is always a major pattern print for all Summer Collections in fashion, what are some patterns and prints you think should become a trend this Summer?

Guzman: OMG definitely a FAV!!! Morrocan-inspired and PALMAS!!! These are my life! I live for prints and mixed prints enriched in beautiful gem-based colors. I am also obsessed with Palm Trees, hence my name, Posh Palma. I was born in the US, but my parents are from the Dominican Republic, a beautiful island in the Carribean! I have never been so proud of the Latin heritage and culture in me!

Thank you so much Gelsandra Guzman owner of Posh Palma x Gelly for joining Fashionista Circle today to give awesome styling tips for Summer 2020!

You can connect with PoshPalmaxGelly via social media



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