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Young Stylist #StylingbyChi: Spring Seasonal Wear

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Young and ambitious stylist #StylingbyChi, who graced Vogue Italia and many other fashion magazines, joins Fashionista Circle today to answer some quick questions on how to be super stylish in the upcoming Spring season.

In your opinion what are the best colors ladies should wear in the spring?

Chi: The best colors to wear in the spring I’d say are coral, green, lilac, royal blue, magenta, and yellow. One thing all of these colors had in common is their ability to make your outfits bright, and fun! If you want to turn your closet into eye-catching magnets, I suggest incorporating these colors into your looks!

What are some fashion trends you look forward to in the Spring?

Chi: Ughh there’s so many! But these three trends in particular stuck out; Chic anklets, a light wear jacket, and a 90s inspired satin slip dress. I cannot wait to incorporate these trendy looks into my wardrobe!

What are some affordable ways ladies can be stylish and look high end all Spring?

Chi: There are many affordable ways ladies can be stylish and look high end all spring. Fortunately in every season, there’s a commonality in all of these trends.

For instance, if you’re going for a high end business casual spring look, these pieces for sure will help you.

A Bright Colored Blazer

Pieces that fit well, that show your curves, avoid clothing that’s too loose

A Structure Bag (A structured bag has the power to complete a woman’s look making her poised and polished. This type of bag completes the expensive / high end look )

One word : Sunglasses

The fancier the sunglasses, the likelihood there is of making your outfit look that higher end!

As a young stylist what are some Spring trends from the past that you didn’t like?

Chi: Hmm, I’ve always been one to do my own thing but there are trends in the past I’ve admired and have absolutely been repulsed by. I’d have to say those are…


-The what I’d like to call “Logo Overload”.

-The flashy, graphic tees, sweatshirts, it’s just too much for me,

-Lastly (Crocs) I am not at all a fan lol.

Floral is always a major pattern print for all Spring Collections in fashion, what are some patterns and prints you think should become a trend this Spring?

Chi: I would love to see plaid, and tweed become trends I see this spring. You can dress the prints up and down. High end, casual, chic you name it. These patterns / prints have so much versatility and power to give you that “WOW” look!

Thank you so much Chi for joining Fashionista Circle today to give awesome styling tips for Spring 2020!

Stay connected with Chi via Social Media @igbohippie_ &

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