80’s Baby Boom Box: The small rectangular 80’s Baby Boom Box that has the design of an old school boom box with the white outlined black circled speakers, the long rectangular radio tuning dial and the cassette tape holder that divides the speakers. The handle enhances the surreal feeling of boom boxes that were rocked in the 80’s. The 80’s Baby Boom Box is sold in two colors: red and black. This bag is one of our collection’s fun bags so, it can be worn however you would like to wear it. Size: 19x12x5 cm How to use: The 80’s Baby Boom Box can be worn two ways, as a clutch or a cross body bag. The straps will come inside the bag, in order to attach the straps, you will need hook the silver latch to the two silver outside latches. One can be found on the left the other can be found on the right. In order to wear it as a clutch you can unhook it and carry it by its silver handle found on top. To open the bag, pull up the silver lever on the top of the bag and the boom box should open immediately.

80's Baby Boom Box