She Means Business Bag, is a  custom leather luxury bag that is a cream/beige color with a quilted design on the front and back of the bag. Dark green outlines the entire purse. The bag also has an intricate red stitch sewn into the design that intertwines with the dark green.To top things off,the bags has  a silver chain which gives the purse an even more luxurious look. The bags includes detachable chain straps that has bright red shoulder support connected to the chain. The inside of the bag is covered in red lining with two pockets. This purse can be best worn with a nice blazer and jeans as a business casual look or it can be worn with a complete suit attire for a highly sophisticated look.
Size: 26x10x15 cm
How to use: 

The She Means Business bag can be worn three ways. The first way is with no straps and carried by its handle like a tote. The second way is to attach the chain straps to the silver loops on the top of the bag. Once the straps are attached it can be worn as a short shoulder bag by shortening the and putting it on your shoulder. The third way the bag can be worn is a cross body bag by extending the chain by pulling the strap into one lengthy chain. To open the bag, you must push both sides of the silver latch on the front of the bag, once you push both latches the bag will open up.

She Means Business Luxury Bag

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